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    The CTFGV series piston is a semifinished product suited to building single or double acting hydraulic cylinders. Built in 9SMn28 steel, there is a “GER” gasket holder inside of it. Its structure is very compact, ideal for resolving problems with cylinder length, when needed. Furthermore, the grain in the rear part simplifies securing it to the cylinder rod. This product […]

  • Low Friction | SMC Corporation of America

    The CS1, tie-rod style, low friction air cylinder has been designed with a low sliding resistance of the piston, making this air cylinder ideal for contact pressure control applications requiring smooth movements at low pressure. The CS1 air cylinder offers 3 bore sizes (125, 140 & 160mm), 7 mounting options, and is auto switch capable. Other options include rod boots & cushions.

  • Low

    with through rod double-acting single-acting. pneumatic cylinder. STD series. Stroke : 1 mm - 2,800 mm. The low - friction cylinder is typically used as a dandy or tensioning cylinder since it is a single-acting cylinder without a return spring. The configurationsCompare this product Remove from comparison tool.

  • Custom Modifications, Options, Innovations and Application

    Reduced scoring. Low friction. The non-metallic wear rings eliminate all metal-to-metal contact between the piston and cylinder body. Some scoring may occur even with the use of compatible materials such as cast iron or bronze for the piston and steel for the cylinder body. The combination of the high imbeddability factor and the wiping action of the wear

  • Parker Series 2H/3H Hydraulic Cylinders with Low Friction

    5.500" diameter piston rods (1.50" - 8.00" Bore). Low Friction Piston A - Dual bronze-filled PTFE piston bearings for high load capacity, low friction and no metal-to-metal contact. B - Bronze filled PTFE piston seal ensures maximum sealing efficiency. C - Square-ring elastomer expander for pressure compensation D - Available in 1.50" - 8.00"

  • Engine Friction and Lubrication

    Friction components 1. Crankshaft friction Main bearings, front and rear bearing oil seals 2. Reciprocating friction Connecting rod bearings, piston assembly 3. Valve train Camshafts, cam followers, valve actuation mechanisms 4. Auxiliary components Oil, water and fuel pumps, alternator 5. Pumping loss

  • ISO Cylinder/Standard: Low Friction Series CP95Q

    With pressure at rod cover port ·········· Low friction side CB (Example of application q) With pressure at head cover port ·········· Low friction side CA (Example of application w) In both cases, as long as the outside pressure moves the piston rod, low friction can result in the direction of extension and retraction.

  • HL Rod Seal

    or in differential cylinders with low pressure differences is significantly more critical than in cylinders subjected to higher pressure loads. New: low friction even in low- or no-pressure conditions When conventional U-seals are used, a larger portion of the dy-namic sealing area will typically contact the piston rod surface

  • ISO/VDMA Cylinder Series C95

    C85 C76 C95. 6-2. SeriesC95. Execution Standard Type With Mounting Centre Trunnion Non-Rotating Piston Rod Non Rotating Piston Rod with Centre Trunnion With Lock Non Rotating Piston Rod with Centre Trunnion With Positioner Low Friction Cylinder Low Friction Cylinder with Centre Trunnion Model C95 SB C95 SDB C95 ST C95 SDT C95 KB C95 KDB C95 KT C95 KDT C95 NB C95 NDB C95 NT C95NDT C95PB C95 PDB C95 QB C95 QDB C95 QT C95 QDT Adjustable Stroke End Cushioning Options Piston Rod Standard Hard

  • 22320 CH Piston Rod V1R0

    Hydraulic Cylinders Low Friction Pneumatic Piston Seals ISO 9001 Registered CompanyO-Ring Ports. Custom Hoists pneumatic piston rod cylinders feature a number of benefits that are superior to the competition. We use high-strength steel tubing to work in applications with system pressures up to 150 psi. Bore sizes from 2” through

  • Standard cylinders DSNU/DSNUP/DSN/ESNU/ESN, ISO 6432

    S11 Low friction The special seals considerably reduce system wear. This corresponds to a considerably lower response pressure. Seal contains silicone grease (not free of paint-wetting impairment substances) K2 Extended male piston rod thread – K3 Female piston rod thread – K5 Special thread on piston rod Metric standard thread to ISO

  • RA/192000/M, ISO Compact cylinder Magnetic piston, double

    • RA/192000/X4X Low friction cylinders, female piston rod thread, Ø 32100 mm, Medium: compressed air, filtered and non-lubricated recommended, 0,210 bar 7 • RA/192000/MU Cylinder with extended piston rod, male piston rod thread 7 • RA/192000/MUX Cylinder with extended piston rod, female piston rod thread 7

  • Dashpots

    ultra low friction cylinder Selectively matched graphite carbon piston Ball joint Connecting rod Vent path Dashpot How they work All our damping devices are dashpots generically, but for ease of discussion, we identify configurations in which the piston rod is attached to the load being damped as dashpots.

  • Three Position Cylinders | American Cylinder Co., Inc.

    Buna-N U-Cup Rod & Piston Seals. U-Cup seals provide low breakaway friction and maximize cylinder life expectancy. Standard Buna-N seals are recommended for operating temperatures of -20°F (-25°C) to 200°F (95°C). Fluoroelastomer seals are available for higher temperature applications.

  • Festo Pneumatic Cylinders

    Cylinders with piston rod: as a compact, round, miniature, cartridge, with special options for wash down, brake, low friction, heat resistant, and more. Talk With Us. ADN. The compact cylinder series ADN/AEN complies with the standard ISO 21287. The ADN/AEN is distinguished by its compact design and broad area of application thanks to the large

  • Double Acting Piston Seals

    454. The Hallite 455 double acting piston seal design, with a filled PTFE face ring, provides the designer with a compact, low friction seal for light to medium duty hydraulic cylinders. The Hallite 50 comprises of a rubber seal, two split support rings and two split bearings, located either side of the seal.

  • Influence on friction from piston ring design, cylinder

    The rod connected to the piston ring holder is guided with a linear bearing to avoid contact between the test cylinder liner and ring holder. This means that the piston ring friction can be isolated from other friction sources. The test cylinder is supported only via load cells similar to a floating liner engine.


    Constructed using a graphite piston / borosilicate glass cylinder combination in which each piston is selectively matched to fit the cylinder with extremely close clearances. They have unparalleled low friction, responding to forces as low as only a few grams and pressures less than 0.2 psi.

  • Compact Cylinders

    F-Plus Hollow Rod Compact Cylinder (WF Series) If your application is tight on space, Norgren's Alternate Body Compact Cylinder is the answer. The low profile design combined with a hollow rod, allows customers to do multiple functions in one unit. The cylinder can actuate to move parts while also passing material or product through the rod.

  • MQ Series

    Low friction cylinder suitable for low friction, force control. Bore size [mm] (Pressure receiving diameter) ø 4 ø 6 ø10 ø16 ø20 Mass of moving parts [g] 4 8 24 62 103 Thrust control standard [N] 0.01 to 8 0.03 to 19 0.08 to 50 0.20 to 140 0.30 to 200 Stroke [mm] 10 Operating pressure range [MPa] 0.001 to 0.7 (Excluding the mass of moving

  • Interchangeable Inch Cylinders | Festo USA

    DPCB – Compact cylinder. Compact, short stroke actuator with corrosion resistant design with low friction operation enabling long, reliable operation for applications in which installation space is limited. Highlights. Bore sizes 1/2” to 4” High strength composite cylinder barrel; 303 stainless steel, hard chrome-plated piston rod