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  • Bush Hog

    and heavy duty versions in sizes from 6 inches to 24 inches depending on digger model.Long-lasting productivity - performance customers can count on - is the clear customer

  • Backhoe LOADER Specifications Backhoe Bucket Sizes and

    New Tractor Average Costs: A bare-bones compact tractor might sell for less than $10,000, while the largest and most powerful farming models could go for as much as several hundred thousand dollars. Most tractors fall somewhere in between. Mid-size tractors with 30 to 75 hp usually cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000.

  • 15+ List Of Best Radio Control Excavator: {October 2021

    Taking into account it's long lasting feature as it is made up from quality constituents, it can lift heavy weights as well, approximately upto 30g. Being one of the most incredible remote radio control excavator 2021 with the dimensions of length 365mm, height 250mm and weighs 450g, this is the most durable RC toy available in the market.

  • Products / Services

    Digger/ Pole Holedigger (MOD 9002-02) The "Shiv Shakti" planetary drive diggtr is built to deliver outstanding performance in many industrial, commercial or extreme agricultural applications including digging in soil, tree plantation, pole digger, and others. The auger is available in size from 9" upto 36".

  • equipment | Quality Farm Supply

    AGKNX POST HOLE DIGGER - STANDARD DUTY COMPACT SKU: PHD5000 Model 100623. Designed for fast post hole digger with convenient safe operation from tractor seat. 2-7/8" diameter 54" long boom. 4 boom positions allows operator to adjust the unit to all sizes of tractors. The 2.92:1 ratio 44hp rated gear.

  • Construction Equipment Size Guide | Warren

    Transportation is easy with mini or small excavators. They're meant to be pulled by a standard pickup and trailer. Standard excavators range between seven and 45 tons, and are the most versatile excavators. They're large enough to handle most construction jobs in the most common working environments.

  • Semi

    Dimensions of a 48 ft Semi-Trailer. Overall length is 48 feet; overall width is 102″; and overall height is 13ft 6 inches. Interior length is similar to a 53 ft trailer at 47′ 6″ and so is the interior width at 98.5″. Interior height is 100.6 inches while the rear door opens 98″ wide and 100.6″ high.

  • What's a good Tractor Post Hole Digger

    EA 7500HD Category 2 Heavy Duty Tractor Post Hole Digger With Xtreme Duty Gearbox. Features: 7500 Tractor Post Hole Digger; Schedule 80 tubing; Boom is 3" inside diameter schedule 40 steel tubing; Augers are available in 6", 9", 12", and 18" diameter sizes; Order Now

  • Post Hole Digger PTO Shaft

    Series 4 medium/heavy pto shaft. Minimum working length is 51.5". Maximum working length is 70.9". Tractor end is 1-3/8" 6 splined (540) Implement end is 1-1/4" round with a 3/8" shear pin. Weight of the shaft is 31 lbs. We stock all replacement parts for everything we sell.

  • Trenching Guide | hand tools, shovels, + power trenchers

    The long length of the blade makes it easy to dig shallow trenches for drainage and utility lines. The long handled version is more popular with construction and landscaping crews, while the short handled version is more popular with homeowners and plumbers.

  • Guide to the Different Types and Sizes of Excavators

    Standard excavators come in a variety of sizes, from mini excavators that are perfect for tight job sites to large excavators designed for heavy-duty applications. Buckets and booms for standard excavators are also available in different sizes and lengths to tackle a variety of tasks, including digging, trenching, moving debris, hauling heavy

  • Posthole Digger

    My initial use will be to install both high tensile fence and field fence - 4" to 6" post sizes. Eventual plans are to install a pole building so that may require an additional auger. Any suggestions, experience, comments, and such are appreciated. My tractor is a Kubota B-2710.

  • The Best Tractor Post Hole Digger [October 2021

    Sizes include 6 inches, 9 inches, 12 inches, 18 inches, and 24 inches are common sizes but often you will find that augers can be made to suit specific jobs if required.

  • Post hole auger size | OrangeTractorTalks

    18. Northern Canada. Jul 12, 2018. #1. There is a post hole auger coming up in a local auction and if I can get it cheap enough and it will work for my purpose I might buy it. It comes with a 24" auger. I realize that a 24" auger would probably be too big for my little Kubota L2501, especially since I have alot of clay around my yard.

  • Tractor Attachments: Detailing Harrows, Graders, Augers

    The bucket-mounted unit runs off the tractor's hydraulics so adequate flow is required. Auger options for most diggers typically range from 6 to 18 in. Tree augers can range from 24 to 36 in. Rock augers, designed to bore through rocks and hard sediment, are available in 6-, 9- and 12-in. diameters. The length of standard augers is 48 in.

  • Fieldquip Log Splitter

    Fieldquip Australian Made Heavy Duty Post Hole Digger. LPD18-900 Lifestyle Post Hole Digger Features: For 18-35hp Compact Tractors Heavy 65mm x 65mm RHS construction Standard with 1/12/ double cut auger (other sizes optional) Friction clutch gearbox protection Choice of adjustable holes for easy installation HPD Series Heavy Duty Post Hole Diggers Features: For 18-75hp Tractors HPHD20 -900

  • Tractor Tires for your Mud Truck

    Farm tractor tires come in many shapes, sizes and tread patterns. Most people want the most aggressive tire possible for excellent traction in the mud. An R-1 tire is a standard depth farm tractor tire, it has angled lug or bar style tread. An R-1W tire is sometimes called a deep lug R-1 and features the same tread but features deeper tread

  • LS Tractor Vs. Kubota Comparison | Bobby Ford Tractor and

    Kubota L2501 vs. LS MT225E. Below you'll find a few side-by-side comparison charts for LS Tractor vs. Kubota. Ultimately, you'll want to consider your specific needs. Then choose if the Kubota or the LS Tractor reliability and specs will work best for you.

  • Truck Size and Length Limits

    • Measure from the center of the last axle of the vehicle to the end of the load. Rear Overhang – Combination of Vehicles • 1/3 Wheelbase. • Measured from the center of the last axle to the end of the load, as long as: The load length does not exceed 40 feet. The trailer length does not exceed 40 feet.


    operation, and a 5-year gear box warranty comes standard on all models. STANDARD DUTY MEDIUM DUTY DESCRIPTION (Size) 48” 60” 72” 60” 72” Overall Height 36” 36” 36” 36” 36” Overall Width 52” 65” 77” 65” 77” Overall Length with Tailwheel 84” 96” 108” 96” 108” Cutting Width 46” 59” 71” 59” 71”

  • Farm Star Post Hole Digger Standard Duty

    Farm Star Post Hole Digger Standard Duty has a three position boom allows the operator to maximize the auger digging depth. The digger mounts on tractors with category 1 or 2 rear three-point hitches. A handle is provided for the operator to adjust the digging angle from the driver seat. The gearbox is protected by a shear-bolt PTO driveline. The gearbox features tapered roller bearings and