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  • Foundation Drilling Tools: Kelly Bar, Bucket, Auger, Teeth

    A good production project starts from supply for raw material; the skills and the human resources are the “treasure” of our company. The Unicorn Drill begins to develop a precise structure, a strong aptitude for technological innovation, the enhancement of human capabilities, upgrading and international.

  • Design and Construction of Auger Cast Piles

    Auger Cast Pile Types A) During drilling the flights of the auger are filled with soil, providing lateral support and maintaining the stability of the hole. B) At the same time the auger is withdrawn from the hole, concrete or a sand/cement grout is placed by pumping the concrete/grout mix through the hollow center of the auger pipe to the base of

  • Foundation Drilling | Equipment Listings

    Bayshore 8400. $125,000.00. Well-maintained low-clearance, limited access drill. Two kelly bar sets (40' & 60') and hydraulic service winch. This is a rare unit, if you have a limited access job, don't miss this one.

  • 19 Cool Drill Attachments You Probably Didn't Know About!

    When I came across one of these ice auger drill bits I thought to myself who in the world would need one of these? After doing a little research, it occurred to me that if you are in a place where you are going to do a little ice fishing and need to drill a hole through the ice, chances are you're probably not going to have any power source out there so one of these would definitely come in handy.

  • Can a skid steer w/ auger dig through this? | LawnSite™ is

    I had a rock bit on my auger and it would drill through asphalt or hard mortar. It also drill easily through Chert. Your ground/rock looks like it would be in between hard rocky dirt and solid mortar. You can get the right bit and auger and a skid steer will make quick work of this.

  • Auger Bits and Drill Bits

    Auger Bits and Drill Bits. HolzMaster Double-Cut Ultra Smooth Augers - a long lasting unique spurred edge design. A bit that requires less power from your drill, leaving smooth hole walls. For further unhindered exit of drill shavings, the bit is additionally Teflon coated. There is no better wood auger bit in the trade.

  • Status and Potential of Groundwater Use in Ethiopian

    auger Motorized rotary, PAT-Drill 201 35-45 Any type of rock free consolidated formation Fast in hard soil Significant consumption of water, equipment, and implementation cost very high 1-5 Table 1: Different manual well drilling techniques (Source: Abric et al. 2011) 2:Normally constructed with circular shape.

  • Augers

    Tooth Details: For use when replacing worn out teeth for the DP Style Rock cutter head Soft to Medium drilling conditons 5/8" wide Carbide 2-1/2" Long Any Questions or concerns please contact: John Deguzman 1-800-331-9988. Color of auger is photo purpose only.

  • Executing Precision Steering With Auger Boring

    MH&S used a McLaughlin MCL 30/36B auger boring machine along with the OTS. An entry pit was created at the bottom of the hill for entry, and crews bored at 2% grade 400 feet (121.9 m) to install the first 24-inch (61-cm) steel casing. From start to finish, the bore had an elevation increase of approximately 8 feet (2.4 m).

  • Foundation Drilling | Equipment Listings

    Bayshore 8400. $125,000.00. Well-maintained low-clearance, limited access drill. Two kelly bar sets (40' & 60') and hydraulic service winch. This is a rare unit, if you have a limited access job, don't miss this one. Stock #108-275. RV Brinkerhoff. (830) 935-3344. [email protected]

  • auger, auger Suppliers and Manufacturers at

    O O Power High Quality Portable 1.47Kw Ground Drill Earth Auger OO-EA52B Product name O O Power High Quality Portable 1.47Kw Ground Drill Earth Auger OO-EA52B Model type OO-EA52B Engine Type Two-stroke,air cooled Engine power 1.65kw Displacement 52cc Fuel 2-cycle oil mix gasoline=1:25 Fuel Tank 1200ml Blade Type Driller diameter:10cm/15cm/20cm/25cm Packing Engine in one carton, drill in one carton Container 300pcs/20FT 700pcs/40HQ

  • Bullet Rock Augers

    Bullet Rock Augers DrillingWorld's Bullet Rock Augers are built to the highest quality, by our skilled engineers. Tough and Durable, to meet all of your drilling needs. Available from 6” to 60” Numerous Hub Options. Custom Rock Augers Available, Contact DrillingWorld for details.

  • Augers at

    Need to drill deeper with your thunder bay ice or earth auger? This 18 inch auger extension allows you to drill holes at the maximum depth to get even tougher outdoor jobs around the farm or ranch done quickly and easily. Also fits Eskimo ice augers, earthquake earth augers, echo earth and ice augers, Delmar earth augers, and mammary earth augers.

  • Construction | Auger Torque Europe

    We are very satisfied with Auger Torque drives, in our fleet of Hitachi's which includes an Earth Drill 2500, 4500 MAX and the 12,000 MAX which is mainly for more heavy duty works. We recently smashed out some 450mm piers 3m into rock without any dramas.

  • Choosing the Right Augers, Points & Blades

    Little Beaver offers 13 different auger diameters, from 1.5-inch diameter augers used for soil sampling, to large 16-inch nursery augers. As the diameter increases, more power is required from the drill. Setting customers up with a drill that has a gear reduction will result in more efficient drilling when using large diameter augers.

  • Planning & Construction Considerations

    Auger or Jack and Bore in use for 40-50 yearsInclude soils analysis and lab tests on rock Room for drill rigs and pipe laydown areasPipe Bursting Good Practices – R. David Bennett, PH. D., Bennett – Staheli Engineers, and Samuel T. Ariaratnam, Ph. D,

  • The Best Garden Tool Ever! How To Use A Drill Auger Bit

    Using a drill auger bit can make quick work of bulb planting. For vegetable plants, the 2 inch x 16″ or 4″ x 16″ attachment are perfect for digging deep planting holes. You can easily take the bit down to a depth of 8 inches or so, and then fill the bottom of the planting hole with a few inches of compost.

  • Augers

    ROCK AUGER BULLET TOOTH Teeth Bit Bobcat McMillen Premier Pengo Attachment .765 $This hevy duty auger bit is in pretty good used condition with signs of normal use. The hole mount is 1.5" in diameter. Overall a good used auger bit.Core bit for pressure drill or other foundation auger. Or similar manufacture 20" Core Bit for pressure

  • Auger teeth,Attachment, Rotary, Foundation drilling tools

    auger attachment for drill for clay soil auger excavator auger, backhoe auger,digger auger, stump auger, earth auger, rock auger and others drill augers. Drilling Bucket flat bottom bucket, conical bucket, Centrifugal Bucket, Double Revolving Bottom Bucket, clean out bucket and other accessories of bucket.

  • 5 Best Augers

    Think of an auger as a drill for dirt or ice. Augers come in a variety of types and sizes so you can accomplish a wide variety of tasks ranging from planting flowers to putting up a fence. Augers can be powered manually, but chances are good that if you need an auger, it probably means you should be considering at least an electric model and

  • Engineering Geology Field Manual

    Good drilling technique is critical to ensuring that the sands are undisturbed prior to the SPT. Unfortunately, loose sand is one of the most difficult materials to drill. If disturbed sands are present, take measures to avoid continued disturbance. Perform depth checks to assess the sand depth at the bottom of the drill hole. These