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  • Skid Steer Attachment

    This range of Dumper Bucket auger stringently tested on number of parameters to ensure its conformation with the international quality norms and standards. Moreover, the offered range is known in the market for rendering balanced material to fulfill the resulting purpose of the clients. Features: High tensile strength; Durability; Corrosion

  • Tension Reinforcing in Auger Cast Piles

    We are using auger cast piles for a project and I have some very high tensile loads I need to resist. We have the loads per the geotechnical engineer that the piles can handle, but we need to design the pile itself to take the load and transfer the force to the soil.

  • Telescopic Kelly Bars | El Didi Group

    Telescopic kelly bars produced by S.A.I.C.I. are made up of high tensile steels. The prismatic profiles connection are in extruded steel and they are welded with automatic system. The proposed range is suitable for machines having a torque from 10.000 daNmt to 24.000 daNmt with telescopic elements in groups of 2, 3, 4, 5 up to 12 meters in lenght.

  • Franki Pile

    Franki Piles is a driven, enlarged base, cast in-situ pile that can be constructed in practically all soil conditions. The construction of each Franki Pile is molded to the ground conditions at each pile location, and can safely withstand very high compressive and tensile forces and substantial horizontal loads. 1. Positioning the tube. 2.

  • Augur Piling Equipment

    Augur Piling Equipment We Manufacture & Supply all kind of Piling Equipment complete Set (DMC Augur Bore pile) soil Testing Equipment with all needed Tools & Tackle complete Like Pump Engine Generator Set in various parts of west Bengal & India .

  • Screw Piling

    Our piles and extensions are manufactured in Brisbane to highly specified welding and assembly requirements under significant levels of quality control using all Australian 400 grade high tensile steel. Our standard 80kN (8 tonne) pile uses a 76mm diameter pipe with a 4mm wall thickness.

  • Hard Rock Auger » Auger Torque

    The Hard Rock Auger from Auger Torque has been designed and engineered to fulfil the most demanding of drilling situations. Designed for drilling in fractured hard rock and extremely abrasive conditions. Optimised in direct collaboration with operators specialising in hard rock drilling applications we are excited to offer the Hard Rock Auger Range globally.

  • Displacement piles | Foundation piles | CVR

    Displacement piles. To create displacement piles, we use very high-torque drilling rigs. The technique makes it possible to place heavy loads on foundation piles that have limited dimensions. This method features double soil displacement, so that no soil is drilled out. Both compressive and tensile stresses can be absorbed.

  • Jeffrey Machine Corporate Profile for Piling Canada

    HISTORYIn 1977, Frank Sager opened the doors to Jeffrey Machine (named for his son and current owner Jeffrey Sager) as a small machine, tool and die shop in Birmingham, Alabama. Frank Sager, a machinist and metal fabricator with many years of experience, created tools to the exact design request of

  • Types of Piles Based on Load Transfer, Function, Material

    🕑 Reading time: 1 minuteContents:Types of Piles for Pile Foundation Based on Load Transfer and FunctionEnd bearing pilesFriction or cohesion pilesFriction pilesCombination of friction piles and cohesion pilesClassification of pile with respect to type of materialTimber pilesConcrete pilesCast in place Concrete pilesBored and cast-in-place (non-displacement piles)Steel pilesComposite

  • Rental Drilling Equipment | Drill Techniques

    The CH 450 is designed to cover a wide range of processes that include bored piles, continuous flight auger (CFA piles), micropiles, displacement piles and soil mixing. The machine can be supplied in the CPD (cylinder pulldown) and WPD (winch pulldown) versions and can be equipped with kelly bars with a maximum length of 13.0 to 13.5 m (CPD-WPD

  • Helical Piles

    Helical piles do not auger soils to surface, thus no costly spoil handling fees for the project. Cost saving for you piling works. Speedy Installation. Our trained operator could install 10 minutes per pile up to 6 meters long. Installation at Space Constraint Area. The pile installation is by using mini-excavator, skid or backhoe.

  • Redevelopment of Brownfield sites using Controlled Modulus

    utilizes displacement augers, thereby avoiding the spoil and disposal required with traditional augers. The reverse flightpiles ( at the exception of pile-raft systems ).While high-tensile strength high-modulus geotextile can be used in some cases, the deformations

  • Dynamic Pile Load Testing

    High Strain Dynamic Testing • The energy delivered to the pile is directly computed as the work done on the pile from the integral of force times incremental displacement ( ∫Fdu ) which is easily evaluated as force times velocity integrated over time ( ∫Fvdt ). • Maximum compression stresses at the pile top come

  • Helical Piles | Helical Piers | New Jersey

    Helical piles are defined as a central steel shaft with one or more helix shaped bearing elements that is rotated into the ground to support the loads of structures. Other names for helical piles are Helical Piers, Screw Piles, Torque Anchors, Auger Screw Piles, and Helix Piers. Helical Piles were invented in 1836 and were primarily intended

  • Blade Pile | Superior Alternative to Screw Piles | QLD

    Blade Piles are manufactured from 350 Grade high tensile steel (Average 450 Mpa yield) for a higher torsional install capacity and structural strength. Blade Piles provide a level of installed verticality and positioning for finite tolerance structures, that is simply unattainable with screw piles and most traditional piling methods.

  • Pile Driving – Provencher Piers

    Auger cast pile driving is an activity or operation performed by drilling into the ground with a hollow stemmed continuous flight auger to the required depth or degree of resistance. No casing is required. A concrete mix is then pumped down the stem of the auger. While the concrete is pumped, the auger is slowly withdrawn, lifting the spoil on

  • Ryno (Piling) Hitch for Augering, Construction Drilling

    Ryno cradle hitch. Developed for faster connection to the auger or pile, the Ryno Cradle Hitch has been designed to handle the torsional loads of anchors and screw piling. The Ryno Hitch front cradle allows the operator to angle the drive up to 90 degrees for easy connection to augers or anchors while a rear cradle stops the auger drive or

  • Rolling high tensile | CattleToday

    Blow a couple more holes midway down to start stick wire through. Stick the end of the pipe in the ground like it's a auger and your about to dig a hole and spin. Be careful. Usually taking out old fence means brush and lots of old wood post and staples. We charge enough to haul that crap off most opt to pile on the property.

  • Guidance Notes for the Design of Straight Shafted Bored

    a high plasticity material, e.g. not the lower sandy horizons. Presence of sandy layers will potentially result in seepages, lower alpha values and be detrimental to the pile base. 3. The piles are installed by rotary bored piling or CFA technique. Piles formed by displacement auger or split auger techniques, or the use of any

  • Dr Martin Larisch

    The paper describes the design and construction of large diameter piles for the foundation of a 77 storey high-rise building in Surfers Paradise, Australia. The design specified concrete with tensile capacities of up to 5 MPa for the pile shafts which required the use of high strength concrete (fc` ≥ 85 MPa).