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  • List of Top Offshore Drilling Companies in India, Middle

    Energy Dais presents the most comprehensive list of the Offshore Drilling Companies in India, Middle East, USA & Canada. Choose from a list of 100+ handpicked Offshore Drilling Service providers to get custom quotations.

  • Vanuatu Tourism Office - The Extraordinary Blue Holes of

    Here is a quick guide to the best blue holes in Vanuatu. Matevulu Blue Hole, Santo. Espiritu Santo is home to more blue holes than any other island, including Matevulu Blue Hole, the largest of Santo’s swimming holes, accessible by kayak or 4WD. The water draws its incredible azure colour from the minerals and limestone rock, creating a

  • Fieldwork: Drilling in Vanuatu - TECH-2000

    Fieldwork: Drilling in Vanuatu. Eddie. May 24, 2021. 9:18 pm. Field testing a land-based drill that is ultra-portable, cost-effective, and time-efficient. T2k-UPLD (Tech-2000 Ultra-Portable Land Drill) We developed a highly mobile drill rig that is optimized to recover glacial-aged fossil corals and deployed to Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu in Sept

  • ESPRIT & Coromant Team Up to Master Deep

    ESPRIT and Coromant team up to take a closer look at their advanced solutions for deep hole drilling as well as intersecting and cross holes. The new and intuitive functions available in ESPRIT include integrated controls for deep hole drilling, counter rotation and feedrate management for intersecting holes. Coromant will have their latest drilling product line

  • Vanuatu

    Vanuatu er et land i den sørlige delen av Stillehavet. Vanuatu består av en rekke mindre øyer som ligger ca. 1750 km øst for Australia, 500 km nordøst for Ny-Caledonia, vest for Fiji og sør for Salomonøyene. Koloninavnet var Ny-Hebridene. Dette navnet er ikke lenger i bruk unntatt til historisk bruk. Viktige eksportvarer er fisk

  • Professional drilliing tools supplier, drilling bits, hole

    FBESTWIN Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional drilling tools supplier provides drilling bits, hole saws, air tools, drilling toolkit, hole saw bits, drilling tools accessories and so on. Get a quote for the latest price by send us an email.

  • Turnkey Deep Hole Drilling Solutions

    Deep hole drilling typically requires a pilot drill 1.5x the diameter, or a drill guide bushing followed by drilling. Somex combines the guide bushing with a chip basket so both items travel in unison. Guide bushing movement is air-driven, providing much closer contact to the part while preventing the escape of coolant.

  • Catheter Punching Machines - Catheter Hole Drilling

    Catheter Punching Machines and Hole Drilling. SYNEO Accu-Drill and Accu-Punch equipment solutions are advanced, space-efficient solutions for drilling burr-free holes in a wide range of single and multi-lumen tubing materials such as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), PEEK, Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Pebax®.

  • SPC Water, Sanitation and Hygiene : Vanuatu

    Scabies, skin diseases and malaria are water related diseases and are the three most common health issues in Vanuatu. Poor drainage and waste management provide pools of water that are favourable breeding sites for malaria mosquito. Unmanaged and uncontrolled sanitation and wastewater are also major concerns. Diagnostic Report. Volume 1. Volume 2.

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  • What is BTA Drilling - UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Machines

    BTA drilling is a deep hole drilling process that uses a specialized drilling tool on a long drill tube to produce deep holes in metal, from holes with a diameter of 20 mm [0.80 in] and larger, up to depth-to-diameter ratios of 400:1. BTA drilling is the most effective method of drilling

  • Common Applications - UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Machines

    Deep Hole Drilling Applications. Deep holes exist in a range of applications, across nearly every industry, each one with its own set of strict requirements and unique challenges, from tight tolerances to tough materials to high production goals. The following examples are typical applications, processes, and tolerances, and although they are

  • CIMCOOL - The leader in fluid technology worldwide

    When buying a Cimcool fluid, you are actually buying a Fluid Technology that includes all the required service and expertise to optimize performance. On every level: QUALITY, QUANTITY, FLUID LIFE, WORKING CONDITIONS and ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Cimcool is an excellent way to reduce your total production costs.

  • Nanda Blue Hole / Jackies Blue Hole - Book Vanuatu Travel

    The Nanda Blue Hole (also known as Jackie’s Blue Hole) is often referred to by visitors as the most beautiful blue hole in Vanuatu.. The water is a magical deep blue that has to be seen to be believed. Blue Holes are an amazing natural creation, formed by springs of fresh pure water rising to the surface cutting out a deep hole in the limestone.

  • Welcome for your Inquiry - Drilling Today

    Drilling Today House, A-145, Lehri Marg, Shivpuri, Airport Road, Airport Road Sanganer, Jaipur 302011 INDIA 91. Telefax: +91 141 2793166, 2792336 Mobile: +91 9414 219 166, +91 9460 435 474. Visit Write us: [email protected] Please use the following form to send an email to us.

  • Welcome for your Inquiry - Drilling Today

    Drilling Today House, A-145, Lehri Marg, Shivpuri, Airport Road, Airport Road Sanganer, Jaipur 302011 INDIA 91. Telefax: +91 141 2793166, 2792336 Mobile: +91 9414 219 166, +91 9460 435 474. Visit Write us: [email protected] Please use

  • About

    “Previous hole alignments could be up to 1.5 hours; with the Azimuth Aligner® it now takes no longer than 5 minutes. Prior to the Azimuth Aligner® our surveying staff were required to set-out and drill in tens of backsight pins into the back wall. The Azimuth Aligner® negates the need for this process.


    AGIE DRILL – 2006 Fast hole drilling EDM machine. SKU: IBX21651. Out of stock. AGIEDRILL – 2006 Fast hole drilling EDM machine. Category: Drilling machines. Description. SOLD/VENDUE/VERKAUFT. X-Axis Travel (mm): X-Axis Travel (mm):

  • BTA Tools - UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Machines

    BTA drilling tools drill deep hole into metal, using external, high-pressure coolant. In BTA drilling, high pressure coolant is introduced through the space between the finished hole, and the outside of the tool, and chips are discharged through the tool center and machine spindle.

  • Deep Hole Drilling

    There are machines dedicated to deep hole drilling, but in some cases, they can be done in the same operation in the lathe. Drilling long holes over 42 times the diameter in a CNC lathe is possible. This document will explain what is necessary to do an axial hole in a CMZ TD series machine (TD-35-Y-2200). Long Drill placed in the Tool Holder.

  • Long Hole Drilling - HPE

    Drill tube length. 1.2 m / 1.5 m. Power source – high pressure water (hydropower) 140 to 180 bar. Rate of penetration – 180 MPa rock strength (quartzite, norite, granite) Nominally 50 sec for 1 m. Hole diameter. 90 – 350 mm. ‘Down the hole’ hammer power output.