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  • Puerto Rico is Back and Ready for Your Next - The Manual

    Now more than ever, it’s time to visit Puerto Rico. The hotels are open, the beaches are breathtaking, and the food is delicioso. Your tourism dollars will help bring the island back 100 percent.

  • Puerto Rico Medicaid Management Information System

    [PDF]The Puerto Rico Medicaid Program (PRMP) Learning Management System (LMS) is web-based technology that delivers instructional and informational content in an organized format. As the Puerto Rico Medicaid Management Information System (PRMMIS) project progresses, additional training resources for the provider community and PRMMIS users may be added.

  • Blender Drill Models

    Blender 3D drill models for download, files in blend with low poly, animated, rigged, game, and VR options.

  • Puerto Rico State Insurance Corporation Issues 2020-2021

    On July 1, 2020, the Puerto Rico State Insurance Fund Corporation (“SIF”) announced the automatic extension of the deadline for employers to

  • How to Get a Driver's License in Puerto Rico, 6 Easy and

    Here’s how to get a Puerto Rico Driver’s License in 6 Easy Steps! Make an appointment on the CESCO website or CESCO app. Assemble all the required documentation. Buy the Stamps from the colecturia – bring cash. Complete the forms, including the Medical Form which can be completed nearby for an additional $20.

  • Suelos PSC

    We have been very actively involved in Geotechnical and Environmental drilling in Puerto Rico and the US Islands. We currently employ 5 full-time drilling crews, 4 of them being OSHA Certified (29-CFR-1910.120), and with vast experience in obtaining core bore samples on land, and from floating plants (in soft swampy areas in both fresh water and marine water).

  • 3P1006NT Compact Drills

    3P1006NT. Compact Drills. With a 10' seeding width and 10' transport width, the Land Pride 3P1006NT No-Till Drill is productive and easily get in pasture gates, over bridges, or transport down narrow roads. A semi-mount and dual hydraulic lift assist wheels in the rear give the drill excellent ground clearance as well. Available Models: 3P1006NT.

  • GeoEnviroTech, Inc.

    GeoEnviroTech is a drilling contractor from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico. We own three drill rigs, including two Geoprobe?units (66-DT and 5400), and a SIMCO 2800 HAS rig. Those equipments help GET to perform drilling services, surface soil and groundwater sampling, environmental site and remediation assessments and implementation.

  • Soils

    Getting to know Puerto Rico’s Soil Diversity – SSSA Soils Tour 2014 - February 18-21, 2014; The Caribbean Area is a model system to study how interactions between land use and environmental conditions affect soil carbon. Check out our YouTube videos of the

  • Diseño de Sistemas Eléctricos I: Residencial y Comercial

    [PDF]Puerto Rico’s Laws manual for untrained persons. 90-2 Scope a) Covered 1. Installation of electric conductors and equipment Insulated Ground IG receptacle outlets symbols WP Water Proof GFCI Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter triplex R Range D Clothes Dryer F C Fan Clock Floor Outlet

  • Manual de Reforestación - USDA

    [PDF]1 y colaboró en la edición del manual. Blanca I. Ruiz, la editora, tiene un Bachillerato en Educación y una Maestría en Planificación y otra en Trabajo Social, ambas de la Universidad de Puerto Rico. Ella se ha desempeñado en la planificación y educación ambiental en Puerto Rico desde 1973.

  • Manual de Usuarios Externos - Pr

    [PDF]Registro de la Propiedad de Puerto Rico INVID LLC Manual de Usuarios Externos, Aplicación Karibe 1.1.1 Página 15 La pantalla de presentación se divide en las siguientes secciones, tal como se muestra en la siguiente imagen dentro del cuadrado color verde.

  • Puerto Rico Rules of Court - Manual de

    Puerto Rico Rules of Court – Manual de Reglas and Federal provides the rules of court needed to practice before the commonwealth and federal courts of Puerto Rico and offers attorneys a compact yet comprehensive procedural law library they can fit into their briefcase.. Puerto Rico Rules of Court - Manual de Reglas provides state rules of court, including:

  • Puerto Rico Travel Guide

    Puerto Rico is a place where the Old World is mashed up with the new on an Island that is small in size but offers an immense bounty of one-of-a-kind experiences. Rich history and culture, exceptional food, pristine beaches,


    [PDF]Tribunal Supremo de Puerto Rico Oficina de Administración de los Tribunales Oficina de Inspección de Notarías Directoría de Informática Página 6 de 83 Estimados Notarios y Notarias: Distribuimos para su uso y referencia la versión revisada y actualizada del

  • Awnings Retractable Puerto Rico (PR) - Home

    Awnings Retractable Puerto Rico (PR), San Juan, Puerto Rico. 140 likes. Ofrecemos cortinas retractables, cortinas de lona, awnings, toldos de lona y

  • MANUAL DEL VOLUNTARIO final(2) - Para la Naturaleza

    [PDF]en Puerto Rico y sus islas. Nosotros agrupamos todos los ofrecimientoe educativos, eventos de voluntarios y las iniciativas de recaudación de fondos del Fideicomiso de Conservación de Puerto Rico. También manejamos sus centros de visitantes y protegemos más de 27,000 cuerdas de alto valor ecológico en áreas naturales en todo Puerto Rico.

  • NDA Products Catalog Order Form Description Quantity

    [PDF]300-page manual covering topics such as basic geology/hydrology, well hydraulics, drilling fluids, pumps and pumping, sampling and ground-water monitoring. $40.00 Member $80.00 Non-member AN INTRODUCTION TO DRILLING SAFETY DVD The NDA Drilling Safety Video highlights job hazards and outlines safe


    ERTEC PSC-Environmental Consultants (ERTEC) is a full-service environmental firm that specializes in investigations relating to the assessment and correction of soil and ground water contamination problems. Founded in 1986 in Puerto Rico, ERTEC provides comprehensive professional services to industries, governments, law firms and consulting

  • Complete Well & Pumps Service - Penuelas

    Complete Well & Pumps Service | Pozos Profundos / Contratistas | Penuelas | Puerto Rico (PR) >787-836-1474. 787-836-1575.

  • Manual de Procedimientos de Reválida y Licenciamiento

    [PDF]Junta Examinadora de Psicólogos de Puerto Rico Manual de Procedimientos de Reválida y Licenciamiento San Juan, PR Revisado Enero 2018 P.O. BOX 10200 – SAN JUAN PR 00908-0200 787-753-4099 EXT. 6589